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LEPIDOCROCITE - Greek word meaning of scale, thread, or fiber.



The lepidocrocite healing crystal got its name from the Greek word meaning of scale, thread, or fiber.

While this stone is mostly found in Madagascar, it can also be found in Spain and India. The stone is mostly known for its energy of love. But these energies also have effects on health, money, as well as relationships. It can help facilitate and enhance communication in different ways from verbal to emotional, and telepathic.

Lepidocrocite also strengthens your natural psychic.

Its mystical aura and the red to reddish-brown mineral appearance is a prominent feature of our Lepidocrocite Aura watch. This energy encourages intellectual stimulation and awakens the divine feeling of love and spiritual awakening.



While lepidocrocite aligns all other chakras, it is believed to have the most effect on the heart chakra.

The energy balancing effect of lepidocrocite tends to leave a positive impression on the heart and can also be felt in not just love but also in one’s money habits, relationships, career, business, etc. the comforting energy of lepidocrocite is believed to be helpful for people dealing with stress and anxiety, hyperactivity, ADHD, and bipolar disorders, among others. Wearing this powerful energy on your wrist will not magically turn your life to perfection but it sure would leave a positive impression on your heart.

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