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The Bluegold stone is seen as a protection mineral.

Our Bluegold Stone Aura watch is based on this stone’s ability to deflect unwanted energies and enhance its owner’s energy. While it is far from being perfect, it has a beautiful sparkle that comes from copper flecks.

This stone is believed to have a positive attitude. It’s known as the stone of confidence and ambition and is a strong motivator and driver for success. Bluegold stone vibrates at frequencies of balance and new beginnings. It’s believed to symbolize protection, abundance, upliftment, confidence, and motivation.

The shimmery nature of this stone, as well as its innate energy and vitality, is the basis of the Bluegold Stone Aura Watch. 



This healing crystal is considered as one of the master healers among gemstones.

Its use as a protection mineral is based on its soothing and healing abilities and its reputation for promoting vitality. It can help you accomplish tasks you’ve set your sights on by increasing your passion and motivation. As a gently uplifting stone, bluegold stone helps to build up energy, courage, and confidence. It’s referred to by some as the stone of ambition and will be the cheerleader for your soul in the face of the toughest challenges.

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