Discovering Signature Series II: The Coin Origin

Discovering Signature Series II: The Coin Origin



Two things are important when you’re looking for the perfect watch.

First, it should complement your style for everyday use and then again, it should sport a timeless design. The Signature Series by Urban Time Imagination is one of the few brands that tick the boxes at the right places.

Discovering Signature Series II: The Coin Origin by Urban Time Imagination 

The Coin Origin by Urban Time Imagination features a lineup of sharp and sophisticated watches powered by the ingenious Japanese-made Y12 quartz 3-hand movement.

The Signature series boast a 316 Stainless Steel Case, luminous hands with a diamond cut and the best Italian genuine leather you can find around. It sports a no-frills design which even without the bells and whistles still screams high class and sophistication.

 Both faces of the design sport a real British-Hong Kong Colonial Coin protected with a beautiful sapphire crystal surface and glass covered on the backside of the coin. This timeless design makes the watch seem retro and historic while still looking as modern and sophisticated as the best watches get.


A timeless design for a stylish timepiece

Urban Time Imagination has made the Signature Series line of watches for all people who are sentimental about cool, timeless, and classic designs.

 The functionality, high-quality, dazzling beauty and superb comfort on the wrist of these watch series are complemented by an iconic design dating back to British-Hong Kong’s colonial era. 

Time travel to British-Hong Kong’s colonial era

These watches are made with the 1960s British-Hong Kong colonial coin on both sides, designed by renowned British sculptor and medalist, Mr. Cecil Thomas.

The popular sculptor is known to have created several private memorials for display in churches and cemeteries. As a medalist, he has been commissioned by the Royal Mint on different occasions. The iconic coin is also minted by Heaton and Sons, one of the world’s most prolific and longest-running private mints.

The coin depicts a crowned and draped bust of Queen Elizabeth II facing right.

 At the centre of the heraldic crest on the reverse side, there’s a crowned lion rampant holding a globe with the figures ‘1960’ engraved below it. Around, you’ll find the words ‘HONG KONG ONE DOLLAR’, divided in the middle by four Chinese characters.

A watch for all

The Signature Series have their roots in the rich history of Hong Kong.

The folks at Urban Time Imagination have channelled this cultural and historical heritage into a lineup of watches that features clean aesthetics with a fusion of class and sophistication. These watches are highly functional and super durable. 

 If you want something different from the bunch of overpriced luxury watches that have flooded the market, the Signature Series by Urban Time Imagination is the answer you need for your style, class, comfort, and value cravings.

 Want to upgrade your style game?

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