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Our Story


Inspired by our Kong's grandmother, who was an avid numismatist, we took her coins after she passed away and used them to make watches that we gifted our relatives in honour of her memory. What followed was an intriguing love for watches, and an intense desire revolutionise the watch industry with watches that personify timeliness in fashion trends, yet timelessness in their long-lasting quality. Ultimately, this led to the birth of Urban Time Imagination


My father and I feel deeply about authenticity. To us, this is paramount, not just in business, but in all of life. We want people to feel confident in their skin, and to push the envelope of their imaginations. Not to bow down and accept the status quo. We love people that think outside the box, and we wanted to make something elegant, beautiful, and intrinsically non-conformist, for those very people.






We created something that implores you to be unique and reminds you - every time you check the time – that even if you are living in the urban world, you are in the driving seat, and you are leaving the rest in the dust. Our designs go further than just keeping time. Our instincts tell us that we do not need, or want, to be the same as others. So, we created our homogenous,




to reflect our feelings on this. You can achieve your dreams, and we are here to remind you of that – just follow your heart. These watches are for the inventors around the globe, the imaginative, the playful, the sincere creators of the new world we live in, and for all those with a sophisticated taste. Our watches are for people that know what they want and are not afraid to go out there and get it, no matter what other people say about them. Urban time imagination watches are for you.

Live the dream –


Be Yourself, Do Different.