Our Story

Our Story


 Hi I m Hysan, I am the founder of Urban Time Imagination.

I believe our instincts tell us that we do not need to be the same as others. Each one of us has a story - our lives are a unique, chaotic patchwork of experiences that is, put simply, perfect. However, we are part of a culture that inevitably makes us chase somebody else’s vision for us.

Why? When was the last time you took a step back and asked yourself this question? From this attitude, our brand value “ Be Yourself Do Different ” was born.

This mindset is paramount, not just in creating timepieces, but in all aspects of my life. I want to inspire others to be courageous and present the authentic version of themselves to the world, the version that is often hidden by a mask of social conformity.

Our goal is to create a reminder, encouraging you to take just a moment and catch your breath between the mayhem of urban life - by just a simple glance at your wrist.

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